Perkins 10kVA Diesel Generator Set

Perkins 10kVA Diesel Generator Set

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The Perkins 10kVA generator includes a 400D series engine. Even with one of Perkins’ smallest engines, this .7 liter motor is powered by a three cylinder in-line vertical engine still packs a punch. Plus, the operating cost of this Perkins diesel generators is low for the power it outputs. There are few things better than an economical, yet, sturdy diesel generator that is built to last for years.

Perkins diesel generator designers made sure to protect your investment with canopies of this dependable motor being made out of top quality powder coated steel. The paint comes in three coats that make the motor scratch, corrosion and erosion resistant. And of course, there is a five-year warranty on the motor.

Vibrations are minimized using anti-vibration solutions between the engines and alternator, which significantly reduces the amount of vibrations created by the motor. Additionally, the Perkins 10kVA diesel generator set operates on a common rail system which controls the temperature of the combustion, leading to cleaner exhaust output.

Maintenance is easy. A wide door design makes it easy for operators to perform maintenance and repair procedures on the generator. The drainage for the oil pump is conveniently located at the side door, making the diesel generator easy to operate and maintain. When you’re ready to move your generator, the Perkins 10kVA includes fork lift slots at the base.

Overall, this diesel generator may be of compact size, but it includes big features. Not only this Perkins 10kVA and it’s 400D series engine churn out great power output, but it is also easy to operate and maintain. All of these combined features make the Perkins 10kVA diesel generator set a great buy.

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