Peak Shaving: The Use Diesel Generators to Cut Energy Costs on High Demand Periods

Peak Shaving: The Use Diesel Generators to Cut Energy Costs on High Demand Periods

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Cutting Energy Costs During High Demand

In this article, we will explore the concept of peak shaving. Learn more about how diesel generators can help businesses cut energy costs during high-demand periods.

Peak shaving is defined as the reduction of electrical power usage by a facility when the serving utility is experiencing a heavy demand for power. In simpler terms, it is when a facility uses less electricity during times when the utility company needs more power.

By using on-site power, customers can help the utility company meet its power demand.

Understanding Peak Shaving

So, what’s this peak shaving thing all about? Imagine your local power company is under the gun because everyone’s cranking up their ACs or heaters, creating a surge in electricity demand. That’s when peak shaving steps in. It’s the clever practice of trimming down your electrical usage precisely when the grid is straining to keep up.

Local electricity providers can supply companies with a rate schedule to help them determine peak hours. These peak hours typically range from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. from June to September, sometimes longer in warmer states like Florida. During these peak hours, electricity costs can skyrocket due to high demand. This is where the concept of peak shaving comes into play.

Implementing Peak Shaving with Diesel Generators

Now, let’s talk real-life examples. Take Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport, for instance. They decided to tackle peak shaving head-on. How? By installing not one, not two, but eight 1250kVM (1100kW) self-contained engine-generator modules in a dual parallel 4160V scheme.

These industrial generators can supply 8.8MW of prime power in parallel with the utility during peak shaving, significantly reducing energy costs. In emergency power mode, they can supply 10MW of power to critical loads, ensuring uninterrupted operations. This adjustment has resulted in savings of over $1 million per year for the airport. Talk about significant utility bill savings. 

Maximizing Savings with Generators

Guess what? These days, utility companies are even willing to sweeten the deal. They might pay you to keep your generators humming beyond the regular peak shaving hours. More generator run time equals more electric bill savings, and it’s a surefire way to recoup your generator investment in record time.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency

When it comes to securing a reliable power source for your business, both in the short term and the long term, energy efficiency is key. Diesel generators excel in peak shaving and are vital to overall power generation efficiency.

They provide a robust solution to counter power outages, ensuring your operations run smoothly when the grid goes dark. By investing in energy-efficient generators, you’re not just preparing for short-term challenges but also setting up your business for long-term success. So, when the lights flicker during the next power outage, your business will keep shining bright, thanks to your chosen dependable power source.

Boosting Energy Savings and Backup Power

When you’re in the business of peak shaving and optimizing energy savings, diesel generators become your trusty sidekick. These machines are not just about peak shaving; they’re about taking charge of your power output and ensuring your business stays up and running, even when the power grids falter. 

Picture this: as you cut costs during peak hours, you’re also stockpiling energy savings that can be reinvested into your growth. And when the unexpected strikes, and the grid experiences hiccups, your diesel generator seamlessly takes over, providing reliable backup power to keep your operations humming. 

So, it’s not just about saving on energy bills; it’s about safeguarding your business with a dependable power source that’s ready to kick into action whenever you need it.

Considering Peak Shaving for Your Business

We’ve got your back if you’re itching to give peak shaving a shot for your business. Our expert team will help you pick the perfect generator with just the right oomph to meet your needs.

Need a control panel or an automatic transfer switch to make things a breeze for you and your team? We can sort that out. Just give us a shout at (305) 592-6800 or drop us an email.


Peak shaving with diesel generators is a cost-effective strategy for businesses to manage energy expenses during peak demand periods. By understanding your local peak times and implementing the right generator solution, your business can significantly reduce electricity costs while ensuring an uninterrupted power supply during critical times.

Optimizing energy costs through peak shaving benefits your bottom line and contributes to a more sustainable and efficient energy ecosystem.

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