Own a Tractor? Consider a PTO Generator

Own a Tractor? Consider a PTO Generator

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A power take-off (PTO) generator is used to harness the horsepower of a running engine and transmit it to an application, which could be an attached implement or a separate machine. A PTO provides the fastest means of transforming a piece of farm equipment into a mobile power plant. It converts the energy coming from the output shaft of a farm tractor into electricity, with minimal power loss.

While a portable or standby generator is useful in many applications, a PTO generator is ideal for hard-to-reach locations, such as an agricultural farm. After all, you will need to use your farm equipment each day, so you might as well utilize the engine’s power in generating electricity.

  The following are the advantages of a PTO generator:

  • Provides emergency power – When your home suffers from a power outage, you can simply park one of your tractors next to your house, and generate back up electricity until the regular power supply resumes.
  • Delivers power to your location – If you, like many farmers, own multiple tractors, you can attach your PTO generator to one of your tractors.   That will allow you to have power on wheels.  Drive your tractor wherever you need a power source.  This will enable you to work your wire welder or power tools in the middle of a field. 
  • Saves on care and repair – PTO generators are famously low maintenance.  If you have farm equipment, we’re guessing that the last thing you want to worry about is one more engine.  PTO generators cut down on time and money for repair jobs.  They don’t require the same ongoing maintenance that other generators require.  As a general rule, if your tractor is working, your PTO generator will work, too.
  • Allows for a lower initial investment – A power take-off generator will generally cost about half as much as a comparable diesel generator.  This option isn’t available to everyone, but if you have a tractor, why not take advantage of your own source of horsepower?
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