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We began our business in 1980 as a small player in the industry selling used diesel generators. We slowly built our inventory, paid attention to our customers, and learned a lot in the process. Over time, we found our market niche as a company that kept generators in stock that we could ship out immediately.

In 1996, Americas Generators officially introduced a new concept to the generator industry – in stock for immediate delivery. Though simple, this had not been tried by other players in the business. Most of them had to order generators for shipment, requiring their customers to wait a long time to get what they needed. By keeping a broad selection of generators in stock, we could give our customers what they wanted without delays.

We started with a small inventory of generators – 30 units. Over time, our inventory grew to over 200 generators and then to our current stock of 400 generators, which range from 15 kW to 2000 kW.

We are well aware that when companies order our products, they need them urgently and don’t have time to wait around for prolonged processing and shipping. Even a one-day delay on our part could mean substantial losses for our customers.

We stock all different types of generators, and our products power facilities in the government, medical, utility, mining, entertainment, and hospitality industries, and more. We subscribe to the same core values that have guided us since the day we started our business in 1989: quality, integrity, innovation, and commitment.

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