My generator won't stop. checking diagnostic switch

Video: My Generator Won’t Stop – Checking the Diagnostic Switch

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Have you ever tried shutting down your generator from the control panel, but it just won’t stop? The cause of this issue could be a diagnostic switch turned on. Watch the video below and read our FAQs to learn more about addressing this common issue:

1. Why is my generator still running after I’ve shut it down from the control panel?

If your generator is persistently running after a shutdown command, it could be related to the diagnostic switch. Let’s explore how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.

2. What is the diagnostic switch, and where is it located?

The diagnostic switch is a key component located next to your control switch on the generator panel. It is designed to aid in diagnosing issues, but it should always be in the off position during normal operation.

3. How do I check if the diagnostic switch is causing the issue?

Ensure that the diagnostic switch is in the off position, as show in the image below. Some units have this switch to prevent unintended shutdowns. Further investigation is needed if it’s in the correct position and the generator still runs after shutdown.

Generator Diagnostic Switch in off position
Diagnostic switch in off position 

4. Why is the diagnostic switch crucial for normal operation?

When in the off position, the diagnostic switch ensures that the generator responds appropriately to control commands. Checking and maintaining this switch’s correct position is essential for the smooth operation of your generator.

5. Which Triton Generator models are equipped with a diagnostic switch?

Several generator models are equipped with a diagnostic switch:

  • UL2200 Listed Generators with Volvo, John Deere, Mitsubishi and PSI (Natural Gas) Engines.
  • Certain Non EPA (Export Only) Generators powered by a Cummins Engine
  • Select custom built generators (for accurate information contact us with your unit’s serial number)

6. How can I contact Americas Generators for assistance?

If you have any questions or need further assistance with your generator issue, please contact Americas Generators. Our team is here to help you navigate and resolve any challenges you may encounter.


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