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If you’ve encountered the “Generator Locked Out” status on your generator’s control panel, it’s crucial to understand what it means and how to address it effectively. We’ve compiled a comprehensive set of questions and answers to guide you through this situation and help you get your generator back to normal operation.

Additionally, we have a video linked below dedicated to this topic, which provides visual guidance to complement the information here. Whether you’re wondering about the cause of the lockout, how to clear it, or how to prevent it from happening in the future, our FAQ has you covered. Let’s explore the essential details surrounding the “generator locked out” condition and equip you with the knowledge to handle it confidently. If you require further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Americas Generators for expert support.

1. What does “generator locked out” mean on my control panel?

When your generator’s control panel displays “generator locked out,” it indicates that a shutdown fault has occurred, not a warning. The fault must be resolved for the message to go away.

2. What should I see on my control panel in normal operation?

In normal operation, your control panel should display “generator at rest” or “generator auto mode.”

3. What types of faults can lead to the “generator locked out” message?

Various faults, such as high-temperature shutdown, low coolant level, overvoltage, and low oil pressure, can trigger the “generator locked out” status.

4. How can I determine the specific fault that caused the lockout?

 To identify the fault, access the alarm log on your control panel. It will specify the type of fault, such as an “emergency stop,” as mentioned in the video.

5. What is the initial step to clear a fault and remove the “generator locked out” condition?

 The first step is to ensure the fault remains by resetting the control panel. The lockout condition will persist if the fault remains active (e.g., the “emergency stop” button is pressed, the generator is overheated).

6. How can I clear the fault and return the control panel to normal operation?

To clear the fault and remove the “generator locked out” status, release any activated shutdown features (e.g., release the “emergency stop”) and then proceed to reset the fault pressing and holding the “stop” button in your control panel.

7. Can I clear the fault on my own, or should I seek professional assistance?

If you’re uncertain about how to clear the fault, it’s advisable to call a professional or contact Americas Generators for support.

8. What happens when the fault is cleared?

When the fault is successfully cleared, your generator panel will return to the “at rest” or “auto mode” status, ready for normal operation.

9. How long will the “generator locked out” condition persist?

The “generator locked out” condition will remain until the fault causing it is resolved and cleared.

10. How can I reach out to Americas Generators for assistance?

If you need help with your generator’s fault or lockout condition, you can contact Americas Generators for support by calling 305-592-6800 or using this contact form.

11. Is “generator locked out” the same as a warning condition?

No, “generator locked out” is not a warning; it signifies an actual shutdown due to a fault, requiring immediate attention and resolution.

12. Are there specific examples of faults that can lead to “generator locked out”?

Yes, examples include high-temperature shutdown, low coolant level, overvoltage, and low oil pressure, among others.

13. How can I prevent “generator locked out” from occurring in the first place?

Regular maintenance and monitoring of your generator can help prevent faults and lockout conditions. Addressing issues promptly can minimize the chances of a lockout.

14. Is there any other information I should know regarding the “generator locked out” status?

Always remember that the lockout condition will persist until the fault is cleared. If you encounter this issue, do not hesitate to seek professional assistance if needed.

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