Marine Diesel Generator Options from Americas Generators

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Marine diesel generators are subject to a corrosive, compact environment, which makes their construction distinct from other types of generators, even other diesel generators. Americas Generators offers many solutions for boats of all kinds.

Yanmar Marine Generators

Yanmar is known for their pleasure and commercial boat engines, so it makes sense their generators are an excellent choice for marine installations. Their engines and generators are available for medium and high-speed vessels, including fishing boats, ferries and river tugs.

Yanmar strives to produce diesel generators that power boats of all sizes while adhering to strict emission standards. They offer customers a service network that spans six continents.

Mitsubishi Marine Generators

Mitsubishi designs diesel-powered engines with tough marine conditions in mind. The company’s marine generators are durable and reliable while remaining small in size. Despite compact designs, it’s still easy to access the generators’ parts for maintenance and troubleshooting. Emissions are a point of focus for Mitsubishi as well.

A Custom-Built Generator

The unique environment and requirements of a marine diesel generator, as well as the many different types of boats and the purposes they serve, make it challenging to find the right power option. Americas Generators is well-versed in creating generators custom-built for your vessel’s power needs and environment.

We use our in-house engineering team’s deep knowledge of diesel generators to design custom marine generators. Whether you need a lighter weight configuration for a small boat or want to replace your current marine generator with more power without added size, we have a solution.

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