Maintaining Generator Fuel

Maintaining Your Generator Fuel

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Backup generators for commercial and industrial uses serve key purposes. They provide a reliable source of power when the regular supply of electricity is interrupted.  Standby power is essential in continuing business operations that normally source their power from the regular grid.

Diesel generators are designed to automatically kick in once the regular supply of electricity is cut off. If the standby generator is equipped with an automatic transfer switch, the power interruption will be almost imperceptible. A diesel power generator can provide the needed electricity to keep a facility operating close to normal, even if an outage continues for several days.

A standby generator will work efficiently as long as it has a supply of gas or diesel fuel, depending on the type of generator. An organization can only be protected from the adverse effects of a power outage if they have backup generators and an on-site supply of clean fuel that will power the generator during outages.

In addition to the generator itself, a generator’s fuel needs maintenance. You can keep diesel in the fuel tank for up to one year without any special attention. But beyond that, it needs some care. While the diesel of yesteryear had a longer shelf life, EPA-regulated diesel has a shorter lifespan. Modern diesel fuel produces less CO2, but the consequence is a fuel that contains many additives. The additives could create problems in engines that are not designed for this new type of diesel.  You will need to manage the fuel carefully to prevent sludge buildup and bacterial growth as well as a clogged generator filter. 

All types of diesel fuel will deteriorate over time. The longer the diesel fuel sits in the storage tank or generator, the greater the chance it will decline. A generator that runs on dirty fuel will lead to significant problems. In the end, it could stop functioning, leaving you without backup power in the moment that you need it most.  To sustain the life of your generator, perform routine maintenance and clean the fuel regularly. 

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