Light towers and metal halide bulbs

Light towers and metal halide bulbs

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Light towers are mobile light sources often used at construction sites and mines. Typically, an array of powerful lamps is mounted on a telescopic mast anchored to a highway-capable chassis, which houses a diesel engine that drives a generator for supplying electricity to the lamps. Some light towers provide a battery option for silent operation.

Metal Halide Technology

Metal Halide lamps are the most commonly used on light towers and can offer up to 600,000 lumens of light depending on the number of wattage and lamps used. 


  • Been in use in the industry for over 40 years
  • Most commonly used light technology on light towers
  • Cost effective
  • High efficiency
  • Lights worksite and area around worksite
  • Estimated 10,000-hour bulb life (for 1000 watt lamps)

Light Output:

There are actually many different wattage metal halide lamps available, but the 1000 watt has been the industry standard. These lights are rated at 110,000 lumens per lamp. Some light towers may have a higher 1250 watt system that can produce more lumens.

These lights typically produce 110 to 120 lumens per watt (lumens divided by watts). Since most light towers using metal halide lamps feature four lamps, a four light tower will produce between 440,000 and 600,000 lumens of light on the jobsite. That production helps light the surrounding area as well as the working area to contribute to a safe and productive worksite.

Contractors note a difference in bulb life. With higher wattages the bulb life usually goes down. While a 1000 watt metal halide lamp typically has a bulb life of 10,000 hours, a 1250 watt lamp typically has a bulb life around 7,000 hours.

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