John Deere Generator Engine Model# 3029 DF128

John Deere Electric Generator Engine Model #3029 DF128

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Diesel generators are necessary as a backup source of power in case there is an outage. Any electrical service interruption could cause massive losses, especially in the manufacturing industry. Having a backup generator will ensure that there will be no disruption of operations for businesses that rely heavily on electricity.

Diesel generators are more widely used than gas-powered generators because of their power capabilities and economical fuel consumption. You can find several brands of reputable diesel generators on the market. John Deere electric generators are among the most popular brands. The company carries several top-selling models.

This model is a non-EPA generator. The system operates on diesel power for highly reliable, synchronous electrical generation. This model has a compact brushless design that features an automatic voltage regulation to compensate for any load and temperature variations.

The generator comes equipped with a Stamford alternator with a 60 Hz power rating. Its single-phase standby power rating is measured at 22 kVA /22 kW with a prime power rating of 19 kVA /12 kW. The three-phase standby power rating is measured at 35 kVA /28 kW with a prime power rating of 32 kVA /26 kW.

For an additional fee, you can get a Deep Sea Control Panel for the generator system. The DSE7310 control panel model, with an integral stand, has a circuit breaker that facilitates user-friendly operations. Its failure control module is suitable for a wide variety of single-generator applications that are powered by diesel engines. The control panel monitors your utility supply and other important user data. It will control warnings and shutdowns, show status information on the screen, and remotely notify the operator through a personal computer or text messages.   

This generator unit is easy to operate using the control system that features a digital push-button start. It is available in multiple languages for automatic control. It can be installed as a parallel supplier for large power needs.  You can’t go wrong with the John Deere Electric Generator Engine Model #3029 DF128.

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