Introducing the 450 kW Perkins Diesel Generator Set

Introducing the 450 kW Perkins Diesel Generator Set

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Businesses of all types would benefit from generators to ensure that there will be no disruption of operation in the event of power outages.  Though power supply typically flows seamlessly, glitches can and do happen in the distribution grids, resulting in service interruption.

A short-duration power interruption may seem insignificant, especially if it lasts just a few minutes.  However, even with short disruptions, there are many inconveniences that could translate into lost revenue or damage to the infrastructure.  Take, for example, the case of a production assembly line that stops for a few minutes because of power failure.  Restarting the machinery often takes time as does recalibrating machinery that may be “off” due to stoppage. By the time production is set in motion once more, significant time and resources have been lost. 

450 kW Perkins Diesel Generator

Having a backup generator that will automatically kick in once the power supply stops is good insurance against unexpected work stoppage in a production assembly line—and in any kind of business operation for that matter.  Perkins Diesel Generators are popular choices to provide backup power. 

The 450 kW Perkins Diesel Generator is powered by a 6-cylinder diesel engine for maximum efficiency, durability and reliability. Its brushless alternator, which requires zero maintenance, provides uninterrupted electrical power whenever it is needed. This generator is equipped with a Deep Sea 7720 AMF Digital Controller whose user-friendly controls provide fast and real-time monitoring of the engine and its alternator. 

Backup power is instantly provided in the event of an outage through the touch-free 600 amps Automatic Transfer Switch. This will ensure seamless business operation. While many generators can be very noisy, the Perkins’ noise emissions are minimal because the generator is protected by a weather and sound enclosure.  A 250-gallon fuel tank will keep the generator running, even through a prolonged power outage.

Ready to Go

The generator unit is delivered with batteries, oil, and coolant. It is fully ready to serve as a backup source of power once the electrician hooks it up to the company’s power grid.

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