Ready for the Wet Season

Get Ready for the Wet Season

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The wet season has started with forecasts for upcoming precipitation. Winter of 2017 is predicted to be a lot wetter than previous years. Preparing in advance of storms can mitigate potential wet-weather problems.

Here are some things to check before weather gets nastier:

  • Clean or repair home gutters. Clogged gutters should be clear to prevent rainwater backup, which could damage your roof or entire house.
  • Inspect the roof. Immediately fix any problems you see. Damaged or missing shingles can result in leaks in the ceilings and walls of your home that will be very expensive to fix. 
  • Check for water damage. Water damage in the ceilings and walls is an indication of a leaking roof. Fix even small leaks before they get worse and cause greater damage to the house. Waiting until the wet season is over could be too little, too late.
  • Secure doors and windows against rainwater. If necessary, install weather stripping in appropriate places. 
  • Stockpile sand bags. This is especially important if you live in flood-prone areas.  You can use sandbags to divert the flow of water, mud, or debris away from your house. Have your sandbags filled and ready when you see precipitation in the forecast. 
  • Check the sloping sides of your property for any sign of slipping or erosion. Shore up the weak spots before heavy rains start falling.
  • Check the street drains around your home. If drains are clogged, water will overflow onto your property and possibly into your house. Call your city’s public works department so they can unclog the drain.
  • Prepare emergency kits.  Keep one in your home and in your car. The home emergency kit should contain food, water and clothes for at least three days. Include medications and other vital personal belongings as well. 
  • Prepare flashlights and batteries as well as battery packs for your smartphones. Rechargeable lanterns will also come in handy in case of power interruptions. 

Always check the weather report, and be alert for any flash flood warnings or heavy snows. You can’t change the weather, but you can be smart in the way that you prepare for it. 

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