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Get Peace of Mind with a Generator

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It’s always a good idea to do a little planning as you step into a new year—that can include planning for the needs of your family in the event of an emergency. Power outage is a high risk—especially during seasons of severe weather. Winter storms may snap power lines, leaving homes without energy for days. Families must be prepared for outages and power interruptions. 

Emergency Power Generator

A generator is a device that is capable of creating electrical energy from mechanical energy. A good example of this device is a portable generator for the home. It is a self-contained machine that uses fuel, such as gasoline, or batteries to generate electricity. An energy generator is an extremely helpful tool during an emergency. It used to be that only big businesses could afford generators, but as the technology for generators has improved, their prices have dropped.  Generators are now a common household possession.

Power Outages

A power outage can bring a host of problems to the home. The average power outage lasts about 3.5 hours. That means 3.5 hours of no air conditioning, no refrigeration, no phone service, and perhaps no running water (depending on how you source your water).  A short power disruption might not be a big deal, but longer ones can be very troublesome.  Food might spoil, homes may become too hot or cold to be habitable, etc. The cost of replacing perishable foods and perhaps even having to stay in a hotel to avoid extreme temperatures may quickly outpace the cost of a generator. 

The problems don’t stop there. The cell phone that you depend on for news and communication cannot be charged during a power outage. In addition, home security systems operate on constant electric power and will stop working when the power goes out. There might be a battery backup, but it may not hold out for the duration of the power outage. Your home will then be exposed to dangers.

Home Generator

Getting a home generator to serveas an emergency power backup is a great long-term investment for the family. The cost of a home generator is often eclipsed by losses incurred in extended power outages.  A generator may be the best investment you make this year.  

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