Florida’s Eldercare Facilities Brace for New Nursing Home Generator Requirements

Generators In Stock: Comply with Florida Nursing / Assisted Living Facility Laws

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Americas Generators is here to provide UL2200 and EPA certified generators for your assisted living facilities to be in compliance with the new Eldery Affairs and Health Care Administration Rules put into place in March 2018  by the State of Florida. 

If your assisted living facility needs to upgrade with a new generator to meet the new requirements or if your nursing home is just starting a generator project, we can assist.  Our “In Stock Inventory” will help you meet the approaching deadline for compliance.

The State has previously experienced extreme shortages of electrical power after storms that have jeopardized, and continue to jeopardize, the health, safety, and welfare of residents in Florida’s nursing homes. For this reason, the State implemented a new rule that requires each nursing home to acquire an alternative power source to ensure that temperatures are maintained, by June 1st, 2018.

The rule came after the death of over a dozen residents who overheated in a South Florida nursing home 2017’s Hurricane Irma. At the time the mandate was only a temporary emergency measure.

The legislation now requires backup power sources that can maintain air conditioners in the event of an outage and requires portable power sources that can provide at least 30 square feet of cool space for each resident.

Americas Generators, in its commitment to provide safe and reliable power offers a wide range of UL2200 Listed and EPA certified emergency generators In Stock and Ready For Delivery. Our units can be customized with high capacity fuel tanks to meet the necessary run time for each facility requirement, regardless of bed count.

For assistance in finding the right generator for your locations call us today at 305-592-6800 or email info@gopower.com.

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