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Freedom from the Tyranny of Natural Disasters Through Industrial Generators

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As most Americans know, the Fourth of July marks an event of unsurpassable historical significance. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, signifying a break from the colonial rule of the British. 

The country was composed of the thirteen colonies in the East: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations.

The colonies, which were mainly agricultural, had been under British rule since 1587.  The British had exploited the colonies’ most important resources, particularly tobacco. The relationship between the colonies and the British rulers was once friendly, but tensions started to mount when the rulers imposed stricter laws and higher taxes. About the same time, a sense of nationalism began to grow in the colonies.

The settlers started decrying taxation without representation, asking to be heard by the British parliament through a representative. The tension began to escalate, involving acts of dissent and violence. With the worsening of the relationship between the British and the settlers, the Continental Congress declared war in 1775. The following year, the representatives of the thirteen colonies, which called themselves states by that time, signed the Declaration of Independence. The Revolutionary War continued until the Treaty of Paris ended was signed in 1783, affirming the independence of America.

Today, U.S. residents enjoy all the benefits that freedom brings. They live in a free society defended by the government. It’s important that we take measures to ensure our continuing freedom and safety—and that includes safety from weather-related calamities.

Natural disasters are inevitable, but owning a portable generator is one way of ensuring your family’s comfort and safety.  Businesses and families can opt for portable generators to sustain power in times of distress.  Facilities that provide important lifesaving services, such as hospitals and fire stations, are equipped with industrial generators that can provide large supplies of electricity. An industrial-powered generator can keep vital facilities operating when the regular power supply is cut off by a natural disaster. 

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