Filters and Belts

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Showing 1–8 of 24 results

Filters can make your generators function better. Dust and particles can clog your generator, making it unable to work at its total capacity. We offer a variety of air filters, fuel filters, and oil filters to keep different parts of your generator clean.

Air Filters, Fuel Filters, & Oil Filters

Generators require outside air to get it to start up. Outdoor air consists of pollen, dirt, dust, and other additives that can get inside a generator during the combustion process. A filter can help prevent bringing these particles inside it, but when the filter has absorbed a lot of dirt, it won’t stop outside elements from coming in. When you notice this, an air filter needs a replacement.

A fuel filter blocks particles that can harm your engine, and oil filters play an important role in providing clean oil to different parts of an engine to get it to run smoothly. Over time, the continuous oil pumping throughout the engine can create residue and contaminate the oil. An oil filter cleans the oil every time it passes through the filter to prevent built-up. Obtaining these filters is key to preventing severe damage to your generator’s engine.