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FAQ’s: Maintenance Alarm on Deep Sea Control Panel

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What are Generator Maintenance Alarms on a DeepSea Control Panel?

Maintenance alarms on a DeepSea control panel are alerts set according to the engine’s operational schedule to notify operators when maintenance is due. There are two types of maintenance alarms:

  • Warning Alarms: Allow the generator to continue running but indicate upcoming maintenance.
  • Shutdown Alarms: Stop the generator from operating, signaling an immediate need for maintenance.

How can you reset the Maintenance Alarm on a DeepSea Control Panel?

There are three approved methods to reset the maintenance alarm on your DeepSea control panel:

  1. Provisioning an Input: This method involves activating an input that has been pre-configured for “Maintenance Reset.” It’s a direct hardware interaction that sends a reset signal internally.
  2. Using DSE Configuration Suite Software: A certified technician can connect to your control panel and use the DSE Configuration Suite software for a software-based reset. They will navigate to the ‘Maintenance’ section and press the maintenance reset button to clear the alarm.
  3. Manual Reset via the Front Panel: To manually reset the alarm through the control panel, power up the unit and navigate to the desired Maintenance Alarm status page. Press and hold the ‘Stop/Reset Mode’ button for about ten seconds. Note that this method may be protected by a PIN number to prevent unauthorized resets.

Why do you need to reset the Maintenance Alarm on the control panel?

Resetting the maintenance alarm is crucial for maintaining the generator’s efficacy and reliability. It ensures the maintenance schedule is followed appropriately. Whether it is a warning or a shutdown alarm, resetting it makes sure that the generator remains in optimal working condition and is ready to perform when needed.

Who is responsible for resetting the Maintenance Alarms?

After the necessary maintenance has been performed, the site service engineer or technician is usually responsible for resetting the maintenance alarms.

What should you do if you have questions about resetting your Maintenance Alarm?

For questions about resetting your maintenance alarm, it is recommended to consult with a certified technician who can provide the necessary expertise and assistance. If you need further guidance, you can also reach out to Americas Generators as an additional option for support. Their team of certified technicians is well-equipped to help you with any inquiries or issues related to your DeepSea control panel.

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