Considering a Truck-Mounted Generator? Read This First

Considering a Truck-Mounted Generator? Read This First

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Generators are a flexible power source, which makes them a valuable addition to job sites and disaster response teams. More and more commercial fleets are adding truck-mounted generators to their vehicles. This allows even more flexibility and convenience when it comes to power generation. Whether your trucks are used in construction, emergency response, disaster relief or transportation, there are many reasons to consider an integrated portable generator system.

Using a Truck-Mounted Generator

The ability to have clean, reliable power wherever your vehicle is allows you to power machinery, lighting and electronics at any job site. Transporting a generator already mounted to your truck gives you the ability to deliver power in emergencies, even to remote locations. Other reasons to invest in a truck generator system include operating food trucks and mobile clinics, as well as camping.

The benefits of a truck-mounted generator include the ability to move from location to location, and drive to refueling locations. When the generator is not in use, your truck is still useful. Maintenance can be easier than with a standalone generator as well, both because the generator is mobile and because it can be serviced by your truck’s mechanic in many cases.


Before choosing a truck-mounted generator set, consider what you will be running with it. Sensitive electronics in work equipment and your truck itself can be affected by unclean power. Some, but not all, generators require modifications to your vehicles that may void your warranty.

Choosing a Genset for Your Truck

There are multiple vehicle-mounted options. Depending on your potential load, you can install a genset with its own engine. You can also use your truck’s power to run an inverter, belt-driven generator or hydraulic-powered generator, which uses your engine’s power take-off (PTO).

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