Closing Out 2015 With a Bang

Closing Out 2015 With a Bang

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2015 was another year beset by natural disasters like tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and even combinations and variations in between. While some were “mild,” a term use relatively, other disasters were devastating, claiming thousands of lives and loss property.

It’s not only in the US that disasters of great and small magnitude happen. Natural disasters occur worldwide. With global warming and climate change plaguing the planet today, it’s no surprise that catastrophes and tragedies of all kinds are increasing in frequency.

A Historic Storm

On October 23, 2015, the world witnessed how Hurricane Patricia, identified as a Category 5 storm, hit southern Mexico. According to weather forecasters, it is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere.

Following the landfall of Hurricane Patricia in Mexico, there came reports of mammoth destruction of homes in several cities somewhere in the range of between 3,000 and 3,500. Over 8,000 acres of farmland was also reported as being devastated. In relative terms, the damage was minor and, luckily, no fatalities were reported. But what would happen if that same historic hurricane hit a more populated area or a large metro? Unspeakable damage and loss of lives may unfold.

In the event of such a disaster, the storm is capable of wiping out homes and businesses, and cutting out power for everything in its path. Such power loss could last for days, even months. In such unlivable circumstances, it is great to feel confident in knowing that you and your family are protected with a diesel generator from Americas Generators.

At Americas Generators, we are appreciative the trust that customers invest in our diesel generators. It is our pleasure to serve you and offer you generators of the highest quality standards. Here’s to a safe new year.

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