Choosing the Right Generator

Choosing the Right Generator

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There are many types of generators, including those used to meet the emergency, recreational, and professional needs. The most important thing to determine before buying a generator is exactly how you intend to use it.


Emergency generators can kick on in the event of power outages. They are often referred to as standby or portable generators. Before purchasing one, consider how much wattage you think you will need.  Wattage could range from 4,000 to 62,000 watts. Lower wattage generators can fuel basic home appliances when the power fails, but they will not be able to power the entire house. If you want to power all the appliances and lights in your home or business, you should opt for generators with higher wattages.


Recreational generators are popular for powering small devices used for camping and other outdoor activities. People who buy recreational generators usually choose low-wattage generators because they weigh less, take up less space, and are easy to transport.


Professional generators have powerful engines and large gas tanks. They are designed to run for many hours and provide electricity to a variety of applications. They are often used on job sites where the demand for electricity is high. You have probably seen professional generators at construction sites in areas that are not connected to the regular power grid.

It is not advisable to buy a generator bigger than you actually need.  It will cost more up front and will be expensive to maintain.