Advantages of Using a Hybrid Generator

Advantages of Using a Hybrid Generator

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Hybrid Power Generation

Hybrid power generation uses two or more technologies or modes of electricity to produce power. The term hybrid does not refer to a method of power, but a combined power and energy storage system. Often times, hybrid power generation contains a renewable energy component to balance the second form of power generation, such as diesel or other fossil fuels. By merging two or more power generation methods, hybrid systems can provide a high level of energy security.

What is a Hybrid Generator?

Hybrid generators combine fuel used by traditional generators with an external renewable energy source to create a high-efficiency energy system. The genset’s batteries are charged by a renewable power source, such as solar power, wind power or hydropower. Hybrid generator systems use the power supply from the charged battery storage without continuously running a fuel-powered engine for a more eco-friendly operation.

Advantages of Hybrid Generators

Environmentally Friendly

Hybrid generators combine renewable sources of power with traditional fossil fuels to supply power. Therefore, the diesel engine is not required to run continuously, greatly reducing a generator’s emissions output over the course of a power outage.

Low Noise Pollution

Hybrid generators produce significantly less noise than traditional diesel or gas generators due to its noise-minimizing mechanics. Noise pollution can be distracting when you’re working on a job site, in the office or at home.

Low Fuel Consumption

Rather than continuously running a fuel-powered engine, a hybrid generator uses renewable sources for power supply until the diesel or gas generator must run when its battery loses charge. A hybrid generator uses less fuel than traditional conventional generators, reducing fuel costs substantially.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

A reliable, continuous supply of power is crucial for any operation. Using a fully automated battery system, hybrid generators supply uninterrupted power without delay time. The system can automatically detect a power outage and immediately supply power to its connected home, business or construction site.

Small Size

Hybrid generators are compact and light-weight, making storage and transportation painless. In areas with size and weight restraints, hybrid generators are an especially great option.

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