8 Advantages of Natural Gas

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Natural gas currently supplies 22% of the world’s energy. It is used to generate electricity, heat homes and businesses, and as engine fuel. As the fuel becomes more available, natural gas generators become more popular. There are many advantages of natural gas as a generator fuel.

  1. Natural gas burns cleaner than coal, oil and diesel, emitting lower levels of carbon dioxide and other harmful chemicals. This means natural gas generators don’t need to be fitted with as many efficiency-lowering emission control technologies. It is also odorless when burned and, in small amounts, is nontoxic when inhaled by humans and animals.
  2. Currently, natural gas is the cheapest form of power available in the United States. While there are many factors to consider when calculating the lifetime cost of a generator for your business or home, fuel costs are a large consideration. The cost of natural gas is expected to remain relatively unchanged over the next decade as well.
  3. Transporting natural gas via tanks (over land and sea) and pipelines is relatively easy. The gas is cooled until it liquifies, giving providers the ability to transport more fuel at a time.
  4. Many urban areas have an established natural gas distribution infrastructure. Natural gas generators can be added into the existing grid, which means no fuel needs to be stored on-site.
  5. Natural gas generators can be installed in confined or restricted spaces. This is because additional space is not required for fuel storage and fuel does not need to be delivered directly to the generator.
  6. One of the largest benefits of a natural gas generator is the reliability of the natural gas delivery infrastructure. During a storm, when gas and diesel are in short supply and must be physically deposited to the site, natural gas pipelines still deliver fuel.
  7. Businesses can also choose to store natural gas on their property to fuel a genset. Stored natural gas lasts longer than diesel or gas. It does not require fuel conditioning at regular intervals to maintain integrity.
  8. Natural gas reserves are located worldwide. Businesses in almost any region can use natural gas as a reliable fuel due to the global availability and ease of transport.