5 Advantages of a Backup Generator for Businesses

5 Advantages of a Backup Generator for Businesses

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When the power goes out, it’s essential for retailers, manufacturers, restaurants and schools to have a backup power source. Losing power keeps your business from earning revenue. Without a power supply, equipment or stock could be damaged, further affecting your business’ bottom line.

If your business has been negatively impacted by a power outage, you know the importance of a generator. Investing in a permanent backup power source allows you to continue operations regardless of blackouts.

5 Benefits of Investing in a Backup Generator for Your Business

1. Power Your Lighting and Security System

Even if your business doesn’t remain open during a power outage, you can keep your security system and lights on. Maintaining your building’s security can help you get back on your feet more quickly after power is restored or a storm passes.

2. Save Electronic Data

There is likely a piece of your company that relies heavily on electronic data and processing. Phone systems, computers, cash registers and even machinery use networks to communicate to each other and complete the tasks you need them to. They also hold historical data and customer information. If this equipment and data are subject to a sudden power loss or surge, it could be damaged.

3. Keep Customers and Employees Comfortable

If you do plan to remain open during an outage, you will need heat or air conditioning, lights, fire alarms and even elevators to keep customers and employees happy.

4. Refrigerate Food

Commercial kitchens store thousands of dollars’ worth of refrigerated and frozen foods. Without the advantages of a generator, this investment will be lost. Once power is restored, you will have to wait for fridges and freezers to return to required temperatures, delaying your ability to reopen your business.

Kitchens aren’t the only business to rely on refrigeration. Manufacturing facilities and retailers also store inventory below room temperature.

5. Monitor Water Levels

Depending on the construction of your business’ building, there may be a sump pump or sewage pump. These pumps are essential. Without them, your building’s basement may flood with groundwater – or worse. Flooding causes damage to your property and stored inventory.

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