31 kW Kubota Diesel Generator – EPA Tier 4

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The 31 kW Kubota Diesel Generator – EPA Tier 4 is a diesel-powered electrical generator that features automatic output voltage regulation to compensate for load and temperature variations.

The Deep Sea Electronics control panel on the generator provides an extensive number of valuable features and is very user-friendly. The module will monitor your utility supply, display warnings, shut down by itself, and show engine status information on the LCD screen, as well as remotely through facility PCs and via text alerts.

The control panels also contribute safety measures to the generator by monitoring over-current and over-temperature errors, as well as frequency fluctuation with an alarm system. Other safety operating features include an emergency stop located on the exterior of the enclosure, locking door handles, an emergency stop push button, and guards on all rotating components and hot exhaust surfaces.

The generator’s cabin consists of a high-quality steel canopy, polyester powder coated in white with a black base. High-performance silencers and fire retardant, polyurethane foam minimize exhaust noise.

The 31 kW Kubota Diesel Generator – EPA Tier 4 offers several facets that lend itself to an easy-to-operate build. The control system uses a digital push-button starting system with multiple language options for the user. An outer filling fuel port and drainage outlet have been installed, along with easy access doors for convenient and easy maintenance. Lastly, lifting eyes and slots allow you to easily transport the generator if necessary.

The generator is driven by three phase power and a battery charging alternator. Available options for open units upon request include a sound-attenuated weatherproof enclosure and a critical muffler. Additionally, the 31 kW Kubota Diesel Generator is backed by a 1 year or 1,000-hour warranty.

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