300 kW Cummins Diesel Generator 375 KVA

300 kW Cummins Diesel Generator 375 KVA

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A generator provides backup or emergency power when there is a disruption in the electric supply. Disruptions could be caused by different factors, including grid failure, accidents, and inclement weather. Facilities that are highly dependent on electricity for critical operations, such as hospitals,can be paralyzed when there is a power supply interruption. These establishments require backup generators that will kick in instantly to keep power flowing. 

Backup generators start automatically, ensuring continuous operation of essential facilities. Even a minute without power could be a matter of life or death forhospitals, emergency dispatch centers, and airport control towers.

There are many generators on the market that businesses can purchase to ensure smooth operations during power outages.

300 kW Cummins Diesel Generator 375 KVA

This generator from Cummins is turbo-charged andheavy-duty with a 4-stroke, 1800RPM, liquid-cooled diesel engine. It is an EPA Tier 3 FLEX-compliant generator. It is equipped with a brushless alternator for a steady and uninterrupted power supply. It has IP23 drip-proof protection, class H insulation, and an electronic automatic voltage regulator.

It has a main line circuit breaker, a 3-pole circuit breaker and a set mounted radiator system that is wired and maximum output-rated for complete generator protection. It comes with an advanced digital auto-start/stop control panel with remote monitoring control. The entire generator set parameter, control function, and alarms are provided.

The fuel tank is metallic with a single wall and electronic level-sensing. It also has a 12V automatic battery charger and automatic engine jackets water preheater kits, which come factory installed.

This Cummins diesel generator unit is an open-skid version. It has dry-type air filter, fuel filter and oil-filter spin-on elements. The chassis are mechanically welded for durability and stability and come equipped with anti-vibration isolators.

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