22 kW Isuzu Diesel Generator – EPA Tier 4

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The 22 kW Isuzu Diesel Generator Engine system uses diesel to power a high-reliability Isuzu diesel engine, which in turn runs a synchronous electrical generator. The compact generator features an automatic voltage regulator to offset load and temperature variations.

The 22 kW Isuzu Diesel Generator Engine has a user-friendly Deep Sea Electronics control module to monitor your utility supply and other components on your generator. The control panels will oversee over-current and over-temperature errors, frequency fluctuation and output volts with a built-in system alarm. The panel will also display engine status information and safety warnings.

In addition to the easy-to-use control module, the generator features a digital push-button starting system and multiple language options. The control system is connected with mains through an automatic transfer switch to pass a power supply from the primary to the backup generator in the case of a power failure in the primary. This lends itself to the optimal solution for larger power needs where there are multiple generators installed.

The generator has a 25-gallon internal fuel tank with an outer filling fuel port and drainage outlet for convenient refueling and draining. Doors on each side of the enclosure and an internal enclosure light allow for painless, easy engine access. Lifting slots and an eye are designed for easy movement of the generator.

The 22 kW Isuzu Diesel Generator Engine is available in 60 Hz and a 3-phase voltage model. A sound attenuated weatherproof enclosure and critical muffler are included on the enclosed units, but available options for open units. The generator is backed by a 1 year or 1,000-hour warranty.

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