200 kW Volvo Diesel Generator: A True Workhorse

200 kW Volvo Diesel Generator: A True Workhorse

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A diesel generator is a combination of a diesel engine and an electric generator that creates electricity in times of need. Diesel-run electric generators are utilized in areas that are not connected to a power grid or that are experiencing an emergency power-supply interruption such as a grid failure.

Among gas-powered generators, diesel iterations tend to be popular because they have a high power capacity and are also cost effective. The market abounds with different brands of diesel generators, with Volvo versions among the most popular. Volvo is known for the highest quality standards in the manufacture of different models of diesel generators.

Americas Generators carries a full line of diesel-powered generators from Volvo for a variety of different industrial applications.

Volvo Diesel Generator Engine Model# TAD7563GE

The TAD753GE model is an economical and reliable generator engine from Volvo. This generator features a vibration-free operation and very low noise level.  It also offers excellent combustion while consuming a low level of fuel. This series of Volvo diesel generators is in compliance with emission regulations.

The unit uses a Stamford Alternator (Model UCI274H1) with a 60 Hz power rating. It has a standby power rating of 250kVA/200kW and prime power rating of 225 kVA/180 kW.

It is equipped with a Deep Sea Control Panel (Model #DSE7320) and an Auto Mains Failure Control Module that is suited for a wide range of single gas or diesel generator set applications. It is a sophisticated monitoring module with a number of engine parameters. It conveys information about warnings, shutdowns and engine status on the LED-illuminated LCD screen.  It communicates through an audible alarm, remote PC notification and text alert capacity. The module allows for system expansion through Ethernet ports and dedicated terminals.

This diesel generator set is equipped with a system for real-time monitoring. Electric and operation safety are provided through a built-in system of automatic controls, alarm systems, and lockable caps. This diesel engine generator is easy to operate and highly reliable.

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