15 kW Kubota Diesel Generator - EPA Tier 4

15 kW Kubota Diesel Generator – EPA Tier 4

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The 15kW Kubota Diesel Generator uses an industrial, heavy-duty Kubota diesel engine for strong and reliable output. This Tier 4 electrical generator is economically compact with a brushless design that features automatic output voltage regulation to compensate for load and temperature variations.

The 15kW Kubota Diesel Generator engine uses cost-effective power with lower fuel consumption for cleaner operation and lower mechanical noise levels. High-performance silencers are also used to minimize exhaust noise.

The generator’s Deep Sea Electronics digital control panel allows for user-friendly operation with an automatic starting system and an extensive number of generator features. The control module will shut down, display warnings and show engine status information on the LCD screen, and remotely via PC and text alerts. Multiple languages are available for users to choose from.

Emitting enough power for continuous use, this three-phase generator can run your job site or business. With multiple transporting options, including forklift pockets within the base frame, the generator can easily be moved from place to place if necessary. In addition, doors on each side of the enclosure and internal light provide easy access for maintenance.

With a sound-attenuated weatherproof enclosure, the 15kW Kubota Diesel Generator is ready to install in extreme weather conditions and tropical regions close to water. The generator is EPA certified and backed by a 1 year or 1,000-hour warranty.

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